Barbarino itinerary: the places of Santa Barbara

Paternò, Sicily, Italy
Est. 553m / 17 mins

Barbarino itinerary: the places of Santa Barbara - Cya On The Road

In this itinerary, we guys of the "Enrico Fermi" Lyceum of Paternò want to take you to discover the places of worship of Santa Barbara in our city.You must know that, around 1576, Sicily was invaded by the plague and Paternò suffered from losing a good part of the population. In order not to aggravate the situation, a lazaretto was builded near the Annunziata monastery and a lazaretto in the district of S. Antonio.Here the desolate inhabitants decided to address their prayers to Santa Barbara, protector of pestilence, who welcomed their petitions and freed the city from the epidemic.Following this prodigious miracle, the population of Paternò asked the Lords of the city, the Moncada, to proclaim the Saint co-patron together with Saint Vincent, but it was the same citizens who immediately venerated her as the only Patron of Paternò.was born the desire to show their gratitude by starting the tradition of festivities in his honor.In this tour we take you to discover the places related to his cult!This audio guide was created by the students of the 3DT, 3BT, 4A, 4B, 4T and 5C classes of the "Enrico Fermi" Scientific High School of Paternò within the project of Alternanza work school, followed and coordinated by the teachers Barbara Bella and Miriam D'Amore, in collaboration with the SiciliAntica Regional Association with its regional youth manager Giuseppe Barbagiovanni and Mimmo Chisari, the Paternò headquarter president.  We would like to thank the Archiepiscopal Curia of Catania, the Culture Office, for the authorizations granted at the entrance to the churches, the photographic documentation and the creation of this guide.We thank the Provost Father Salvatore Patanè priest of the Ex Monastery SS. Annunziata and the priest of the Church of Santa Barbara, Father Salvatore Magrì, for the great availability and collaboration in the project.We thank the dott. Alessandro Messina for making available his research on Santa Barbara and her cult.The guide is part of the Sicilia Beni Culturali project for izi.TRAVEL coordinated by Elisa Bonacini.This section was written by Cristian Minutolo and Samuel Paterniti (3DT) and was spoken by Cristian Minutolo (3DT).The photos are by Giuseppe Barbagiovanni.

by SiciliAntica
SiciliAntica è un' Associazione culturale di volontariato per la tutela e la valorizzazione dei beni culturali e ambientali siciliani.

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