The three beauties of Procida

Procida, Campania, Italy
Est. 3.7km / 1 hr 8 mins

The three beauties of Procida - Cya On The Road

You will be crossed by the three beauties of the island, a real art manifestation, nature and literary wealth. girando vivara you can admire the beauty of a natural isolotto defined a real and mediterranean stain, the island in the island. continuing you can not be authorized by palazzo d'avalos, or also palace, signorile, rich of history and ancient culture procurana. and finally junge where fantasy has no limits, the former conservatory of the orphans, where with the bibblioteca and its artists that have done, exalts with their stories the real essence of the island.

by garanzia giovani
Percorso delle chiese dell'isola di Procida

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