Venice: Explore Forgotten Cannaregio and its Sailing Traditions

Venice, Veneto, Italy
Est. 3.9km / 2 hrs

Venice: Explore Forgotten Cannaregio and its Sailing Traditions - Cya On The Road

Cannaregio is the sestiere or district of Venice which occupies the north-western part of the city. Strolling along the canals or crossing a bridge, we often come upon agile oarsmen in an upright position pushing on the oarlocks of fast, light wooden vessels, almost without effort. Along the canals, many types of traditional boats are moored, such as sandali, mascarète, sanpierote, puparini... Their existence is mainly due to the numerous associations in the zone which seek to preserve and promote Voga alla Veneta rowing, restore historical vessels and generally gather testimony regarding the traditional navigation of Venice. This itinerary will explore parts of Cannaregio outwith the classical tourist routes, where you can, if you wish, not only encounter rowers but also try voga rowing for yourself! You will see boat-builders at work, young people repairing old vessels, oars and oarlocks in the process of being made. All of this set in a backdrop rich in history and stories. Where the nautical tradition that gave rise to Venice finally finds dignity, amidst places that are increasingly crowded and chaotic. For those who listen, indeed, every stone of Venice speaks…Watch the project’s video on traditional boats of Venice and its lagoon

by Civiltà dell'Acqua
YouInHerit Project - Interreg Central Europe

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