Water Museum of Venice: 2000 years of history in the Po Delta

Taglio di Po, Veneto, Italy; Ariano nel Polesine, Veneto, Italy; Mesola, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Est. 27.0km / 4 hrs 30 mins

Water Museum of Venice: 2000 years of history in the Po Delta - Cya On The Road

Thanks to the many marks left by humans on the landscape, this itinerary will allow us to witness and understand the evolution of the population, from Roman times to the period of the integral reclamation. Human signs have been built up in layers, and yet their originality has not become lost or blurred. The itinerary develops in the Po Delta, 100 km from Venice and only 50 km from the city of Chioggia.Difficulty: intermediate.Length: 27kilometers circa.Time: 3 hours circa.Where to leave: Departure is from Ca’ Vendramin. The gate at the ramp to the rear of the museum may be closed. To be sure it is open, contact the museum on +39 0426 81219 or write to: info@fondazionecavendramin (www.fondazionecavendramin.it). At San Basilio you will find a tourist-cultural centre that opened in 1995, where many archaeological finds from the Roman and the ancient people of Veneto Region are exhibited. For opening times call +39 0426 71200 or write to an.basilio@libero.it. For the bike rent, call Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po +39 0426 372202This itinerary curated by the Water Museum of Venice aims to promote the most valuable heritage of water civilizations linked to the Venice Republic, thanks to the digital museum (www.watermuseumofvenice.com/eng) and to a series of tours aimed at facilitating the direct contact with water and the experience of unique liquid places. The project aims at sensitizing people who care about the protection of this irreplaceable source of life and the making of a better world, in line with UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Water Museum of Venice is a member of the UNESCO Global Network of Water Museums www.watermuseums.net

by Water Museum of Venice
Scopri i Patrimoni Liquidi delle Tre Venezie / Explore the Liquid Heritage of Venice’s Inland Waterways

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