Progetto ArcheoAlsium

Ladispoli, Latium, Italy
Est. 7.5km / 2 hrs 24 mins

Progetto ArcheoAlsium - Cya On The Road

The town of Ladispoli was built upon the remains of the ancient Etruscan city Alsium.Alsium, whose name is from the Greek word ALS, meaning salt, was the first harbour of the ancient Caere and it remained so until 247 b.C., when it became a maritime colony of Rome.Starting from the half of the II century, and for the whole imperial period, Alsium was the favorite destination of the Roman nobility to build their own maritime villas.During this tour, you will discover the vestiges of the ancient Alsium still present along the coast of Ladispoli.Arm yourself with smartphones and earphones, get ready to feel the sand beneath your feet, we are leaving now!!

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