Bari AR

Bari, Apulia, Italy
Est. 2.0km / 49 mins / Map

Bari AR - Cya On The Road

👷‍♂️WORK IN PROGRESS 👷‍♂️If you're searching a tour in a city you've always wanted to visit, but never succeded on finding the right one, we offer you an all inclusive tour.It doesn't matter whether you are an artist or history lover or a simple person who wants to relax himself, with this experience you'll find what you need.Historical buildings, theaters, churchs and shops won't miss here. Whether you're a student or a tourist in Bari, or you stay here few hours waiting for your next ship trip (so you need to do something in the meantime), Bari AR will help you.A real treasure hunt, in which what will you need is your smartphone, want of fun and curiosity, wonder of finding local landscscapes or food of the city you'll surely love.Every treasure hunt needs company, pen and pencil. We only ask you some company.What really makes this experience so deep?It's so deep thanks to AR parts, linked with Metaverse*, that will guide you with interactive questions(searching something particular, a quiz, Videos and Selfies) so you don't forget this wonderful experience.why will it become your city?Because after every point of interest you'll receive a token*, which will help you gain the final prize.* This particular functions needs a 3rd party app called Metaverse Studio, avaiable freely in the Google Play Store and in the Apple Store. The Metaverse experience is instead avaiable here.WORK IN PROGRESS

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