Caltagirone, Sicily, Italy
Est. 760m / 15 mins

Caltagirone - Cya On The Road

Welcome! We are the students of the "Alessio Narbone" Comprehensive Institute of Caltagirone and with this itinerary we take you to discover our city between art, culture and traditions.We went around Caltagirone to discover sites and monuments of great artistic value and with this itinerary we want to satisfy your curiosities and increase your information on the well-known and little-known cultural heritage of Caltagirone!It was a great discovery for us too! Among the most important monuments, the ones that aroused our interest the most were the Scala di Santa Maria del Monte and the Public Garden, and we hope that this audio tour will also allow you to discover and appreciate the historical and cultural characteristics of the monuments visited!The guide we have created certainly does not want to be exhaustive but wants to provide you with all the main information!And now come with us! This project was carried out by the students of the "Alessio Narbone" Comprehensive Institute of Caltagirone (Headmaster Francesco Pignataro ) as part of the Pon Project created and entitled "Discovering my city between art, culture and traditions", for the Year Scholastic 2018/2019. The students were followed by the expert, prof. Michele Elia and the tutor, prof. Daniele La Delia, for a 30-hour journey.During this course the lessons at the Institute, supported by videos and documentation, alternated with educational visits to the sites and monuments of greatest artistic and cultural value in the city. The course had the aim of arousing the students' curiosity and increasing knowledge of the well-known and little-known cultural heritage of Caltagirone, creating a final product that can be used not only by the local community but also by the many tourists who visit the city of Caltagirone.The audio tour is part of the Sicily Cultural Heritage project for izi.TRAVEL coordinated by Elisa Bonacini.This introduction was written by Michele Elia and the narrative voices are by Sara Garofalo, Giacomo Bizzini, Gesualdo Panenero.The guide was implemented, during the 2022/2023 school year, with translations into English and French by the students of 2G Plesso Semini, of the Alessio Narbone Comprehensive Institute of Caltagirone (Tecla Guzzardi Headmaster).Photo:

by Sicilia Beni Culturali
Un progetto di partecipazione collettiva alla valorizzazione dei beni culturali siciliani coordinato da Elisa Bonacini.

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