Walking around the City Walls

Senigallia, Marches, Italy
Est. 2.7km / 54 mins

Walking around the City Walls - Cya On The Road

The historical walls of Senigallia are an identity monument of the city, although they are less known. Of the ancient fortified walls, both the sixteenth-century one of Guidobaldo from the Rovere, and the eighteenth-century one of the “Ampliamento”, the track is preserved almost entirely, even if it’s not a lot visible, hidden by the buildings or vegetation.The guided route on izi.TRAVEL stops near the ramparts and every other trace of the ancient fortifications.In each stop point, apart from those indicated, there is a column with texts of in-depth, accompanied by a historical documentation, maps, photos and photos of the period that illustrate the events related to the construction of the walls and the history of the city.We thank the architect Paola Raggi for the elaboration of the texts and the route.

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