Crema, Lombardy, Italy
Est. 6.2km / 2 hrs 49 mins

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TRANSLATION AND VOICE: WILDON AGUILA Welcome to Crema, a city with rich culture and colorful history which played an important role due to its strategic location. Within the radius of about 35 kilometers (21 miles), it is located in the center of major important towns such as Milan, Brescia, Bergamo, Cremona, Pavia and Piacenza. As early as the year 1000, the city obatained a status of independence, which was considered a tenacious adversary to the Empire. Before its destruction and invasion of the city by the German Emperor Frederick I also known as Frederick Barbarossa, Crema showed a great amount of courage during the long period of siege. In 1185, the city was rebuilt through the orders of Barbarossa himself and numerous important buildings still stand today from that era. From 1449 to 1797 after more than 3 centuries, Crema became an important Venetian town within the territory of Milan. Trade and commerce had flourished during those years at the height of the Venetian Republic. The Most Serene Republic of Venice generously favored the loyalty of the local people. Under the Venetian rule of more than 300 years, the Republic guaranteed peace and order which then transformed the city into a crowning jewel of arts and architecture.

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Ufficio Turistico della città di Crema

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