Maratea: South Coast

Maratea, Basilicata, Italy
Est. 7.8km / 2 hrs 25 mins

Maratea: South Coast - Cya On The Road

Maratea, a "Pearl" set in the Gulf of Policastro, extends for about thirty-two kilometers where the blue sea and green vegetation typical of the Mediterranean meets the rocky cliff and together surround beautiful beaches in the resorts of Acquafredda, Cersuta, Fiumicello, Marina and Castrocucco. It is the only town in Basilicata overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, with clear and clear waters that make it a prestigious destination for Italian seaside tourism.Its beaches are one of the most appreciated characteristics by bathers: some are wide and easy to access while others are small jewels protected between high cliffs and the sea, reachable only by small boats.The coast of Maratea is divided into the North Coast and the South Coast.In this itinerary we will travel along the South Coast, which includes the beaches from "Funnicu Règgiu" to "A' Gnola", characterized by vegetation that slopes slightly to the sea, making it more livable than the North Coast, where, however, there are stacks overlooking the sea.It is important to follow the directions of the ordinance issued by the Harbour Office of Maratea, which provides to respect the areas reserved for bathing, scheduled from 08.00 to 20.00, until the distance of:- 150 meters from the shoreline, in the presence of beaches;- 100 meters from the cliff, in the presence of high coasts or peak.

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