Uncovering Italian Colonial Pasts: Florence

Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Est. 2.9km / 59 mins

Uncovering Italian Colonial Pasts: Florence - Cya On The Road

This self-guided tour will lead you to hidden traces of Italian colonialism in Florence. You might wonder which colonial traces one can observe here, in the city of Dante and Botticelli? This is precisely what you are going to discover! This tour is an invitation to look differently at the city. For a moment, we want you to dismiss the glossy medieval and Renaissance scenery of Florence. Instead, we will follow a less known narrative: the history of Italian colonialism and the way it has been remembered, or forgotten, in the public space. ----Texts: Daphné Budasz & Markus WurzerRevision and translation: Devorah Block & Serena CalaresuSound editor and designer: Massimo Del GaudioVoice: Chris Parson (EN) & Daniel Banks (IT)With the help and support of BHMF (Black History Month Florence)This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

by Postcolonial Italy
Postcolonial Italy (www.postcolonialitaly.com) is collaborative project that collects material traces of colonialism in Italian cities.

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