Siderno Superiore a village to discover

Siderno, Calabria, Italy
Est. 1.3km / 27 mins

Siderno Superiore a village to discover - Cya On The Road

Siderno was born as a hamlet of Grotteria.The first lord of Grotteria and Siderno was GIOVANNI RUFFO of Calabria, subsequently this domain passed to the CARACCIOLO family.After almost a century this fiefdom passed to MARINO CORREALE and on his death to GIOVANNI BATTISTA CARAFA.Under the dominion of the Carafa Siderno it was surrounded by walls,he population moved to the heights on the TIMPA where the community developed which took the name of "MOTTA SIDERONIS" (fortified hill) and three towers, now disappeared, were erected at equal distances from each other.In 1783 there was a terrible earthquake that devastated the Ionian coast, the inhabitants of Siderno were left homeless and moved near the church of Portosalvo.Groups of fishermen's houses were built

by Scuola Primaria "M.Bello" Classi VB - VC- Docente Tecla Giannini
L'istituto si trova a Siderno prov.(R.C)una ridente cittadina in provincia di Reggio Calabria sulla costa ionica.

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