San Cesario is beautiful! Senses & Stories

San Cesario di Lecce, Apulia, Italy
Est. 2.3km / 1 hr 19 mins

San Cesario is beautiful! Senses & Stories - Cya On The Road

San Cesario is Beautiful! is a community-based initiative that aims to reveal the beauty and the wonders of our local town through a fresh perspective.The small town of San Cesario is at risk of disappearing as its youth continues a mass exodus for better opportunities elsewhere due to high unemployment, low job opportunities and no cultural activities. “Connecting the CommUNITY” is the result of many discussions with local organizations surrounding these issues and what VulcanicaMente could do to foster community development. Through this project, volunteers and VulcanicaMente staff are creating valuable local activities to connect people across all generations and cultural backgrounds with the cooperation of local institutions.

by VulcanicaMente
VulcanicaMente is a non-profit organization that promotes personal and community development both locally and internationally.

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