Cittadella, Veneto, Italy
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The traces left by the ancient Romans who occupied the Veneto at the end of the third century BC are very evident. At 148 BC the foundation of the via Postumia, an important artery that connected Aquileia to Genoa along the whole of Northern Italy, dates back.After the fall of the Roman Empire, the territory of Cittadella followed the fate of much of Northern Italy passing to the Kingdom of the Lombards. The construction of the parish church of San Donato dates back to the 6th century, in the homonymous hamlet, which was the main place of worship in the area before the consecration of the cathedral.Between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries Padua gave impetus to an important expansionist push, soon entering into conflict with the neighboring Vicenza and Treviso. The latter, around 1195, started the construction of Castelfranco, a small military outpost near the border marked by the Muson stream. The response of Padua was not long in coming and in 1220, on the opposite bank of the river, the construction of the Citadel began. The new fortified village was designed by Benvenuto da Carturo. Until the beginning of the fifteenth century, Cittadella followed the fate of the mother city, passing from the lordship of Ezzelino III da Romano to that of the Carraresi, the Scaligeri and even the Carraresi. In 1406, at the end of the so-called war of Padua, Cittadella enters the orbit of the Serenissima. After the fall of the Serenissima, Cittadella also went through a period of administrative uncertainty, passing from the French to the Austrians and back to the French; it returned to Padua during the Lombard-Veneto Kingdom. The Austrian domination ends in 1866. During the First World War, in the spring of 1918 it was the seat of the 12th hunting group which remained until July 16, 1918.THINGS TO DO IN CITADEL1. Follow the patrol walkwayIt is the main reason for coming to Cittadella. Its extraordinary patrol walkway, unique in Europe, one and a half kilometer long and entirely accessible thanks to a restoration work that lasted 20 years and finished in 2013, makes this city one of the places to see in life. At a height of 15 meters you can walk safely along the walls that in the past served to defend the city. The route is anything but boring, both because from above it is possible to admire the city from an original and always different point of view, and because there are many things to see along the walkway.2. Rent a boat and sail around the wallsAfter seeing the city from above, why not take a look at the mighty walls from below? The fortified city is surrounded by a moat that can be navigated by a small boat that allows you to make the entire tour of the walls while admiring the fortifications and the city from the water.3. Discover the historic centerFirst of all, there are the 4 city gates to see, each one different from the other. Porta Bassano stands out, the largest, which also houses the Casa del Capitano and which is recognized by the large coat of arms with the red Carraresi chariot and the coat of arms of Padua. Porta Vicenza is the western entrance to the city, with a tower 25 meters high and a triple system of doors: it is also recognized by the image of the Crucifixion frescoed on the inside. Porta Treviso is the eastern entrance and on the inside it has the image of the Coronation of the Virgin and the Annunciation. Finally, Porta Padova was the main entrance to Cittadella, it is distinguished from the others by the turret with the clock and the small bell tower and by the frescoes with the Carraresi chariot and the coat of arms of Padua, the red cross on a white background.4. Attend one of the many events around townIf you want to plan your visit to Cittadella, it is worth doing it during one of the events that the city organizes throughout the year. It will not be difficult to find what is right for you, since the tourist office organizes many and for all tastes. 


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