sterrati di Urgnano

Urgnano, Lombardy, Italy
Est. 11.3km / 1 hr 53 mins

sterrati di Urgnano - Cya On The Road

this is an itinerary that we have chosen to take you to discover the Serio river. during the trip you will find: the Sant 'Antonio farmhouse, the Stropelina where you can rest even at night and eat, the Madonna to admire it and take a break, the Giovanni Assolari airfield where you can observe models of airplanes and take a tour around the great river Serio.Tour created by Mirco, Tommaso, Sofia, Riccardo, Pier, Franko, Thomas3^B        A.S. 2021/2022

by Istituto Comprensivo di Urgnano
La collana di itinerari realizzata dai ragazzi dell'IC ci accompagna alla scoperta del territorio di Urgnano, a piedi e in bicicletta!

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