Paola, Calabria, Italy
Est. 2.0km / 1 hr

Paola - Cya On The Road

"It has been more than a year since the idea of Paola came to me, and an image of that place stopped in my mind. I see a small marina and just above a small town with faded colors behind which the long chain of mountains gradually rises (...)" George Robert Gissing, "Sulle Rive dello Jonio" ("On the shores of the Ionian").With this statement, Gissing transmits to us his emotions about our small town, those same emotions that we experience by observing it. A city nestled between sea and mountains: looking upwards we can see, harmoniously following each other, arches, alleys, stairs, palaces, churches, boundless mountains... moving our gaze to the opposite side we see an image of different shades of blue: it is the sea that mixes itself with the sky, the mirror of water that enchants us with its sunsets. And always there, in the distance, very often we see an imposing silhouette that transports us to a surreal world: it is Stromboli. The volcano which also represents the final stage of a fantastic journey that made many dream: the journey to the center of the Earth; the adventure novel by the visionary Jules Verne.In this itinerary we will tell you about those surprising details of our city, hidden but equally precious, because enhancing our territory is our duty, to give dignity to a land that we too often underestimate.

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