Terzo di Aquileia, cycling through reclaimed land

Terzo d'Aquileia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Est. 20.3km / 3 hrs 23 mins

Terzo di Aquileia, cycling through reclaimed land - Cya On The Road

Terzo history is closely linked to the history of Aquileia, which is located not far away, as the name of the town itself shows: “ad tertium lapidem”, at the third stone, that is, three miles away from Aquileia. The municipal territory is located between two ancient Roman roads, the Via Annia and the Via Iulia Augusta, which connected Aquileia with Rome and Noricum, today's Austria, respectively. The Via Iulia Augusta today is  Regional Road 352, which connects Udine, Palmanova and Aquileia, going down to Grado. Running parallel to Road352, there is the Alpe Aria cycling route. In this guide, we invite you to start from the cycling route for a while to reach the embankment on the lagoon through a countryside that has been reclaimed since Roman times.

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