Strassoldo, lowland castles

Cervignano del Friuli, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Est. 757m / 15 mins

Strassoldo, lowland castles - Cya On The Road

Strassoldo history has always been linked to the noble family of the same name that built it and has lived there for over a thousand years. Of Germanic origin and very ancient nobility, the Strassoldo family always maintained personal ties with the transalpine world, which also resulted into prestigious marriages. The village dated back to around the year 1000, in the period of the Holy Roman Empire called “Ottonian” from the name of Emperor Otto I.  Two castles, referred to as “di Sopra” (Upper) and “di Sotto” (Lower), can be identified, probably originating from the division into two branches of the family that had become very numerous. The vast financial resources of the lords allowed the village to develop, but not to avoid heavy involvement in the historical events and wars of the Patria del Friuli. It was significantly damaged in the 14th century and especially in the 16th century, but it managed to recover thanks to the active attitude of the Strassoldo family, who cooperated with the Venetian Republic by supporting the construction of Palmanova. As a result, the town lost its defensive function it had had in the past, and became more commercial and residential. Other important works were carried out in the first half of the 18th century.After almost four centuries of Venetian tradition and the few confusing Napoleonic years, from 1815 Strassoldo became part of the Habsburg Empire until World War I.Start your tour from Via delle Scuole, where there is convenient parking.

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