Venice Summer 2022 SOUND MAP

Venice, Veneto, Italy
Est. 10.8km / 3 hrs 27 mins

Venice Summer 2022 SOUND MAP - Cya On The Road

This is a map to follow with closed eyes and open ears: it will bring you back to aural atmosphere of the Summer 2022 in the city of Venice, as heard by the students of the class "Venice and Its Reflection" taught by Dr. Ilaria Serra during the Florida Atlantic University 2022 Study Abroad Program.In a world dominated by images, we forget that sounds are powerful evocators of memories and atmospheres. These recorded and mapped sounds of Venice capture the spirit of this summer. Venice is a silent city in comparison with other modern cities. In this map, her peculiar sounds are fixed in their time and place: her sounds or "il suon di lei" (Leopardi, "L'Infinito").The tour is not in chronological or any type of order. You can listen where you want."Sound maps give people a new way to look at geography and the world around them. ]They allow users to reconnect with their immediate environment which the current generation seldom does anymore (think about how often we see others with headphones in or on the phone instead of keeping their ears open). Sound maps also have a historical significance in that they will give future generations an idea of what a specific place sounded like, at a specific time. Indeed, (...) sound maps can be used as “sonic time capsules” which preserve the sounds of a place before they disappear. Currently, we possess historical maps and pictures that can tell us how past societies lived. However, we have no idea what those societies sounded like. Sound maps give us an opportunity to have access to this vital historical significance." (Laakso, Mari; Sarjakoski, L.Tina (1 November 2010). "Sonic Maps for Hiking-Use of Sound in Enhancing the Map Use Experience.". The Cartographic Journal. 47 (4): 300. doi:10.1179/000870410x12911298276237.)See also, the unfinished project started by the late Professor Giovanni Morelli (my teacher) at the University of Venice and Fondazione Levi.

by Florida Atlantic University/ Valeria R Martinez
Sound of Venice during the sunrise.

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