Spiritual Calvene

Calvene, Veneto, Italy
Est. 7.3km / 2 hrs 24 mins

Spiritual Calvene - Cya On The Road

This digital audio guide dedicated to a thematic tour of the Calvene area is provided by the Municipality of Calvainé. The digital brochure is also available and can be browsed online by clicking on the link: SPIRITUAL CALVENE. Calvene: a spiritual ascent through scattered hamlets.Calvene is a small town consisting of scattered houses and hamlets.The historic center of the town can be identified in the hilly area between the directive Lugo-Caltrano and the road towards the Altipiano dei Sette Comuni: this part of the town is called Castellaro or Castello (Castle), to recall the site of an ancient medieval fortification.The historic houses are therefore located on the right bank of the Chiavona stream, towards the Astico river. The rest of the town is an ensemble of houses, rural structures, huts, sometimes solitary, sometimes grouped in hamlets positioned along the mountain slopes and dominating the deep valleys.The fulcrum of Calvene is located at the altitude of 220 meters, where the main buildings are located, but the vertical extension of the territory leads to a rapid ascent towards the mountain, beyond the altitude of a thousand meters.Calvene is a town that today counts 1300 souls.Much more populous in past centuries, Calvene bears the vestiges of a secular religious primacy, which still today sees the local Church elevated to the rank of Archpriest.Therefore, a spiritual journey starts from this catalyzing sacred place, which is also a remarkable case hiding art treasures.It is a journey leading to discover a peculiar heritage of rural religious architecture, mostly scattered in those hamlets that were once more populated.It is a journey to be made without haste and on foot, if possible, in order to climb up to that place of eternal peace represented by the Cavalletto British Cemetery,by observing the tangible evidence of popular religiosity,by discovering the ancient history of the territory through its spirituality,by immersing yourself in the sacredness of nature,by respecting the eternal rest of the fallen,maybe by praying, or just by meditating, in a religious silence.

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