On the Gladiators' trails

Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Campania, Italy
Est. 666m / 17 mins

On the Gladiators' trails - Cya On The Road

The city of Santa Maria Capua Vetere rises on the remains of the ancient Capua, an Etruscan city of the 9th century B. C. In the 340 B.C. the city passed under the roman rule. It was one of the most flourishing cities of Campania Felix, renowned for its rural resources and the presence of the Amphitheater. The gladiator shows were known throughout the Empire.The ancient Capua, in fact, was the seat of a famous school for gladiators in which the revolt of one of them, Spartacus, began. The city was destroyed in 841 by the Saracen troops hired by Prince Radelchi of Benevento, the survivors were forced to flee and Capua was re-founded in 856 by the Longobardi This tour will allow you to retrace the footsteps of the gladiators and lanists who have consecrated the fame of Capua, but also to know their rites, traditions, glory and tragic destiny.

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