B&B and Co. Slow - The hills of Bergamo

Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy
Est. 2.0km / 41 mins

B&B and Co. Slow - The hills of Bergamo - Cya On The Road

The proposed itinerary aims to connect the urban area of Bergamo with the Astino Monastery through an alternative route that includes the use of Bergamo’s steps. Following these stairs you can also access the Parco dei Colli.  The area enclosed within the park includes ten municipalities and shows within it different realities, from the hills to the mountain areas to the most famous architectural beauties of the territory, such as the historic core of Città Alta.The perfect itinerary for lovers of greenery and hiking!🌱

by Associazione Bergamo Bed and Breakfast and Co.
Bed and Breakfast e Case Vacanza di Bergamo e provincia.

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