Let's discover Pro Loco in Syracuse, Sicily

Augusta, Sicily, Italy; Avola, Sicily, Italy; Francofonte, Sicily, Italy; Lentini, Sicily, Italy; Pachino, Sicily, Italy; Noto, Sicily, Italy; Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily, Italy; Carlentini, Sicily, Italy; Rosolini, Sicily, Italy; Siracusa, Sicily, Italy
Est. 291.6km / 6 hrs 10 mins

Let's discover Pro Loco in Syracuse, Sicily - Cya On The Road

We are Martina D'Augusta, Riccardo Formosa and Ylenia Ippolito, volunteers at Comitato Provinciale UNPLI Siracusa A.P.S. and this is our guide to the main local tourist offices in the area of Syracuse, southeastern Sicily.You'll discover the history and main attractions in the area.Enjoy! ;) 

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