Pisa - Massaciuccoli Lake

San Giuliano Terme, Tuscany, Italy
Est. 46.8km / 7 hrs 48 mins

Pisa - Massaciuccoli Lake - Cya On The Road

For lovers of gravel, electric and trekking bikes, a path that winds through cycle lane, dirty roads and asphalt. The environment crossed is quite different, ranging from sunflowers fields and wheat fields, to vineyards and olive groves, up to the marshy sceneries near the shores of the lake.We will ride on the wooden bridges over the canals of the lake, we will see the big nets used by fishermen and their small boats.The “Lipu Oasis of Massaciuccoli” is the ideal transit and stopover point for a great variety of ornithological species, from osprey to the Italian knight and elegant red herons.If you want to explore the area also from cooking and wine, on request, we can make a stop in one of the most beautiful wineries on the lake, or in some “osteria”.The adventure is continuing with a short climb and an amazing view of the lake, in the background the stunning Apuan Alps and the Versilia coast. The moment of sunset at the lake is a wonderful show that paints the sky and clouds with its most beautiful colors of orange and red!DIFFICULTY: IntermediateSEASON: Year roundLENGTH: 50 KMDURATION: 4-5 HOURS

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