Discover Savona with Milena Milani

Savona, Liguria, Italy
Est. 915m / 25 mins

Discover Savona with Milena Milani - Cya On The Road

Discover Milena Milani's story by clicking here.   Welcome, travellers, to Savona. My name is Milena Milani and I will be your guide on this special tour discovering my city.You know, in my long life I have been an artist of pen, brush and clay, but I could never let you experience the beauty of Savona using only words. To fully appreciate it, you have to look at it with the eyes of someone who has lived and loved it as I have, and dip into its history with all your senses! Throughout our tour you will explore art sites, craft workshops and hidden alleys, discovering secrets and stories about our history and culture.Don't worry, there will be plenty of moments of pleasure and relax along our itinerary!Have I intrigued you? Come and visit me in the exhibition rooms of the Palazzo Gavotti Art Museum, and let's set off together on this adventure to discover the heart of Savona.  "Discover Savona with Milena Milani" is a project carried out as part of the "Designing Culture for the Territory 1st edition" course of Dialoghi d'Arte, funded by the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo Torino and Autorità di Sistema portuale del Mare Ligure Occidentale.

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