Detective Conan mystery tour

Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Est. 13.4km / 3 hrs 52 mins

Detective Conan mystery tour - Cya On The Road

The Detective Conan Tokyo tour is a guided excursion that takes fans to various locations featured in the Detective Conan anime series. This specialized tour typically includes visits to places such as Beika Street (inspired by the show), Tropical Land (an amusement park in the series), and other landmarks referenced in the anime. It offers enthusiasts a chance to explore these locations, learn about their connection to the series, and immerse themselves in the world of Detective Conan. The tour might also involve interactive activities or opportunities to solve mysteries akin to those in the show, creating an engaging and exciting experience for fans visiting Tokyo.

by Farah Qchili
Hello, I'm a tourism student from the Netherlands. I`m creating my first tour in Tokyo, Japan. Enjoy it!

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