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Astana, Kazakhstan
Est. 8.5km / 2 hrs 53 mins / Map

Hello, dear guests! - Cya On The Road

Hello, dear guests! We are pleased to welcome you in the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana, on the embankment of the Yesil River (Ishim).Today we are going to make a walking tour along the embankment of the river Yesil,  see monuments, sights, bridges, constructions of the city of Akmolinsk, Tselinograd, Astana, have a walk in the Capital Park, plunge into the history of the city, hear a story about the river and its inhabitants. The city on the river ... How many of them are there in the world, cities on the rivers? Berlin on the Spree, Paris on the Seine, St. Petersburg on the Neva, London on the Thames, Frankfurt on the Main ...The capital of Kazakhstan Astana is also included in this list. True, with one small caveat - our city stands on three rivers - Yesil, Akbulak, Sarybulak.The Yesil River dominates in this "water" world, and every inhabitant of the capital knows where it flows.Akbulak is slightly smaller, but still has a recognized position among the places that are good to visit in. These are the Grebnoy Canal (rowing canal), flower and sunny hours, a parade of temples of different denominations, bridges and the embankment, the main building of the Eurasian National University named after Lev Gumilyov and a new large beach.The river Sarybulak is known less than its counterparts. It is located away from the busy highways, and beyond the railroad lines. Nevertheless, with the development of the city it is going to form its part in the city’s ensemble.All the major capitals located on the banks pay considerable attention to gentrify the riversides. The river forms the appearance of the city, gives it unique features. Tourists come to the cities on the river, get in the river trams, boats, gondolas, motor ships and admire the stunning views of grand architectural ensembles - after all, wise city planners locate masterpieces of architecture along the banks.

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