Park Zhetysy

Astana, Kazakhstan
Est. 566m / 21 mins / Map

Park Zhetysy - Cya On The Road

Park "Zhetysy" is a beautiful and attractive park for Astana. The territory of the park Zhetysu is 14.9 hectares. In the park "Zhetysy" functions 5 zones, such as: landscape – walking and quiet rest zone, entrance group and the zone of the central alley, sports, children’s playground, parking zone and a food zone.Zhetysy - the land of seven rivers. Earlier, the region from Almaty to the Balkhash lake was known as Semirechie - "the state of seven rivers". it is one of the richest and most interesting regions of Kazakhstan. The biggest river - Ili - flows from China to the west feeding into the Balkhash. The other six rivers and 800 mountain streams flow down from Zailiyskiy Alatau mountains to the south and from the Dzungarian Alatau ridges to the north-east. 

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