Tourist bike route

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Est. 10.1km / 1 hr 41 mins

Tourist bike route - Cya On The Road

The tourist bike route includes 11 historical and cultural sites. This route is available with the help of automated bike rental system Almaty Bike. It is enough to buy a club card in the company's sales department, top it up with 500 tenge, find the nearest bike station, and rent a bike.Your bike route will start from the BaluanSholak sports Palace. Following the bike path along Abaya street, you will pass near the Central stadium, then you can stop at the Central library and get acquainted with its rich book collection. On top of that, you will find several other points in the city that require more detailed information. Doubtlessly, this will be your most exciting and memorable bike route through the city's iconic landmarks.

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