Naurzum Nature Reserve

Naurizim audani, Kazakhstan
Est. --- / 5 mins / Map

Naurzum Nature Reserve - Cya On The Road

The Naurzum nature reserve is the second nature reserve organized in our country. Location: Kostanay oblast, Naurzum and Auliekol district. The main purpose of the creation is to preserve small lakes in the steppe zone, such as Nauryz, Turgay. The flora is distinguished by 687 species of plants. The animal world is home to more than 40 mammals, about 250 birds, 3 amphibians and reptiles, and about 10 species of fish. The emblem of the reserve is a Swan. You can also add an eagle as a symbol. Naurzum orianda beauty of the forest – deer. At the 32nd session of the UNESCO world heritage Committee in Canada, "Saryarka-steppes and lakes of Kazakhstan" was included in the UNESCO world heritage list. There are two protected steppe zones in Kazakhstan. One of them is the Naurzum nature reserve. The reserve has long been called "Kazakh Hermitage". The peculiarity of this is that when using the Hermitage people, the Naurzum reserve is an art Museum created by nature itself. There is a "Museum of nature".The national coordinator of the world wildlife refuge (WWF) and T. M. Bragina together with his wife take a lot of colorful photos that are taken during a trip to the reserve. Then we wrote some interesting books about legs. Photos are made by the work of writers Algindegi. Among the works representing the Great steppe, there are two books: "the most important wetlands of Northern Kazakhstan "and" the animal world of the Naurzum reserve". 3 hotels have been built in the protected area. A day trip to nature was organized for the tourists. To do this, you need to pay 700 tenge per person. The reserve is also of interest to foreign tourists. Thousands of people visit the reserve every year. Even a creative team working on Austrian television, who came to the reserve, made a film about Kazakhstan. It is worth noting that Australian tourists have only found in this region a steppe sample of the classic reserve. In addition, the number of visitors has increased by 50% over the past 4 years.

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