Semey Historical Center Of Kazakhstan

Semey, Kazakhstan
Est. 37.0km / 3 hrs

Semey Historical Center Of Kazakhstan - Cya On The Road

                    " Special library for the blind and visually impaired citizens of the city Semey "                                                         offers an audio tour of the sights of our city.        This tour was created with the support of the Department of Culture and Language Development of the Semey City Akimat and close cooperation of the central library system and the City House of Culture. Semey city occupies a special place in the spiritual development of the country, and is a historical, cultural and commercial center. In different years, such bright, iconic personalities Abay Kunanbayev , Shakerim Kudaiberdiev, Mukhtar Auezov, Kanysh Satpayev, Shaken Aimanov lived and studied in Semey. Semey is a city with a long history, in many ways ahead of other cities in Kazakhstan. Telephone service, water supply, fire station, football and even a printing house-all this first appeared in our city.   Modern Semey continues the tradition of innovation, for the first time registered a national top-level domain .kz, the first and only suspension bridge in Kazakhstan was built

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