Mangaļsala fortifications

Riga, Latvia
Est. 11.5km / 4 hrs

Mangaļsala fortifications - Cya On The Road

The region of the Mangaļsala fortification is one of the most valuable objects of military heritage, which was intended to protect the city of Riga from the enemy fleet . The area retained its strategic importance over a long period of time, as can be seen in the examples of fortifications. During the hike you will get to know 15 different objects built by the Russian Empire, the Republic of Latvia, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Here you will see underground bunkers, coastal artillery batteries, ammunition storages, as well as enjoy the coastal “Piejūra” Nature Park and walk along the seashore.The total length of the route is about 11 km. It may also be divided into 3 smaller routes and all objects can be viewed in several times of visit:1)      Eastern route (objects No. 2-10), start in the parking at Mangaļsalas iela 2 (GPS 57.0715, 24.0874); length of the route ~ 5 km, duration ~ 2.5 h;2)      Central route (objects No. 9-16), start in the parking near the nature park “Piejūra” (GPS 57.0625, 24.0548); length of the route ~ 5 km, duration ~ 2.5 h;3)      Western route (objects No. 12-17), start in the parking near the nature park “Piejūra” (GPS 57.0625, 24.0548); length of the route ~ 5 km, duration ~ 2.5 h.How do I use the audio guide?First, download the application izi.Travel on your smartphone, then scan one of the QR codes in the territory of Mangaļsala fortifications or find the tour “Discover the history of Mangaļsala!” on the app. Descriptions will be activated automatically as soon as you reach the area of the object. The phone will quietly beep when you reach the next story area if the previous story is not over yet. There are photos attached to each story; don't forget to look at them.Important: Don't forget to take care of your safety and treat this historic site with care.The Audioguide has been developed within the framework of the Cooperation Programme “Interreg V-A – Estonia-Latvia” 2014-2020 Project No Est-Lat156 " Latvian-Estonian Common Military Heritage Tourism Product".

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