Lapmežciems - Ragaciems Tour

Lapmezciems, Latvia
Est. 5.5km / 1 hr 50 mins / Map

Lapmežciems - Ragaciems Tour - Cya On The Road

Please be welcomed on a guided tour which will lead you from river Starpiņupīte in Lapmežciems through the village Ragaciems.Bigauņciems, Lapmežciems and Ragaciems are the first fishing villages that start right beyond the border of Jurmala city. Inhabitation in the territory of the present villages existed already in the Stone Age, and this is evidenced by the settlement of Siliņupe, which was discovered in the 50s of the last century. However, it is almost impossible to determine exactly when exactly one or the other village started to form, when exactly the first houses appeared. In reliable historical sources, each village has its own year of origin.Each village has developed its own characteristics over time. There is also a lot in common - starting with the location in the seaside natural environment. A lot is determined by the fact that the villages are included in the territory of the Ķemeru National Park. The basis of life for many centuries has been fishing, processing and selling fish. In the summers, artists, actors, film people and writers rented huts and other residences from the villagers. Everyone longs for pine air and sun, for white beach sand and sea swimming.There is quite a lot to tell about each village, so we invite you to turn on the audio guide and enjoy the walk! The audio guide has been prepared and implemented by the Jūrciemi Residents' Society, and it was possible thanks to the project "Klausāmtakas - creation of an audio guide in Lapmežciem parish", no. No. 22-08-AL01-A019.2202-000006, funded by the Rural Support Service of Latvia. #lapmezciems #ragaciems #bigaunciems #jurciemi #Tukumanovads #sea

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