Audio guide "Sea stories in Roja"

Roja, Latvia
Est. 8.2km / 3 hrs 27 mins / Map

Audio guide "Sea stories in Roja" - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Roja!This is an audio guide that will tell You everything about Roja in a few hours. Without a guide, You would be forced to move to Roja and to spend Your whole life trying to get to know the locals, to learn how to sail and fish and how to count stones on the beach after an autumn storm.If You do not want to move here, You can almost become a local by scanning the QR codes found all over the village. It is preferable to start Your walk at the river Roja, but the order of the stories is not essential, so You can choose Your own route!Let us also recommend to download the izi.TRAVEL app and listen to the stories with headphones! And this does not work for some reason, there is always the same platform available on Your computer where the content is available at any time.A huge thanks to everyone in Roja for sharing their stories, thanks to Roja Sea and Fishery Museum, the Roja Library, the Tourism Information Centre and to the journalist Anitra Tooma.We are proud, prouder and proudest!The audio guide Roja Sea Stories is made with the financial support of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. Project No. 23-08-FL06-F043.0207-000002. Responsible and cooperating institutions: the Rural Support Service of Latvia and Association Talsi District Partnership. The project is implemented by SIA Story Hub and its associates.

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