Mersrags, Latvia
Est. 4.5km / 1 hr 37 mins

Mērsrags - Cya On The Road

Journalist Pēteris Pintāns concludes his work ‘The Knot of Love’ about the Mērsrags village with reflections on how to instil love or, as old fishermen would say, how to ‘tie the knot of love’, for our homeland, village, and town in this tumultuous era. He was convinced that there are enough strong threads in Mērsrags to tie the hardest ‘knots of love’. Mērsrags is described as a ‘unique pearl on the seashore’, so perhaps you would also like to tie your ‘knot of love’ in Mērsrags.

by Mērsraga TIC
Mērsraga TIC sniedz informāciju gan tūristiem, gan vietējiem iedzīvotājiem par viņu interesējošiem jautājumiem Tūrismā un Mērsraga dzīvē!

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