Diplomacy in Riga

Riga, Latvia
Est. 4.6km / 1 hr 31 mins / Map

Diplomacy in Riga - Cya On The Road

Before you go for a “Diplomatic Riga” walk, please stop and listen to the audio guide instructions.There are three buttons in the bottom right corner of the map. The top one (with a circle in the middle) shows the operating area for the story of each stop. Stories will be activated automatically when you enter the green, or operating area. We recommend staying in this area until the story is completed. However, if you approach the edge of the zone, your phone/smart device will beep softly.The middle button (with binoculars) will reveal the entire route. This will enable an assessment of the layout and the total number of sites.The button at the bottom will show you where you are on the map – in case the diplomats have twisted an untraceable sequence of moves. This, however, is not typical of them.The route leads from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs towards the Quiet Centre and then back to the Freedom Monument. The map lists the stops in the recommended order of seeing the sights, but you can also choose the length and direction of the walk that suits you best.Let us follow the diplomats!

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