Shoah Memorial Trail in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Est. 3.1km / 1 hr 2 mins

Shoah Memorial Trail in Luxembourg City - Cya On The Road

The two-hour Shoah Memorial Trail in Luxembourg City offers an insight into the wiping out of Jewish life in Luxembourg by Nazi Germany.The non-profit association MemoShoah Luxembourg initiated this memorial trail so that the fate of the approximately 4000 Jews who lived here on the day of the German invasion will be remembered. The path leads past well-known and lesser-known places that played a key role in Luxembourg with regard to the Shoah.The trail starts at the main railway station in Luxembourg City, where a total of seven deportation trains deported 658 Jews to various ghettos and extermination camps from 1941 onwards, and ends at the Kaddish Monument, which commemorates the fate of the Jews living here who fell victim to the anti-Semitic persecution and extermination policies of the Nazi occupying power. Around 1200 of the original 4000 Jewish residents of Luxembourg did not survive the Shoah; about 130 lost their lives in the resistance struggle against Nazi Germany in France and Belgium. Despite this, it was not until 2016 that Jews were recognised as a group of Luxembourgish victims of the Nazi regime, alongside the two well-established groups: the victims of forced recruitment in the German armed forces and the victims of the anti-Nazi resistance struggle.Let us not forget the Shoah victims!Sources: Contributions by Paul Dostert, Germaine Goetzinger, Mil Lorang, Claude Marx and Renée Wagener. Text: Vera Dockendorf, Germaine Goetzinger, Mil Lorang, Renée Wagener.Review: Vincent Artuso, Paul Dostert, Germaine Goetzinger, Renée Wagener.Translation: Romain Butti, Monique Dabé, Vera Dockendorf, Claude Marx, Margarida Ramalho.Voices: Romain Butti, Germaine Goetzinger, Claude Marx, Margarida Ramalho.Sound engineering: Technical team of the cultural centre neimënster, Luxembourg.Cooperation: Luxembourg City Tourist Office, neimënster, Consistoire Israélite de Luxembourg, Fondation luxembourgeoise pour la Mémoire de la Shoah.Copyright: MemoShoah Luxembourg ASBL.

by MemoShoah Luxembourg A.S.B.L.
MemoShoah Luxembourg organises and supports projects that contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms that led to the Shoah.

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