The Luxembourg Revolution Trail 1848

Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Est. 1.7km / 33 mins

The Luxembourg Revolution Trail 1848 - Cya On The Road

The Luxembourg Revolution Trail 1848 takes you to places that tell the story of the 1848 Revolution and its background.On 22nd February, 1848, parts of the population of Paris, led by liberals and republicans, rose up and brought the French capital under their control. From Paris, the revolution known as the Spring of Nations spread throughout Europe. On 25th February, 1848, the message of the Paris riots reached Luxembourg. King-grand duke William II was afraid that the revolutionary spark might spread. Therefore, on 7th March, he threatened the inhabitants by proclamation that "any agitation, any movement could only bring disaster" upon them.Nevertheless, riots broke out in several towns and villages. The capital, which as a fortress of the German Confederation housed a Prussian federal garrison, was a particularly hot spot.Discover why!Speaker: Tom Becker

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