Unveiling local heritage: Cents

Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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Unveiling local heritage: Cents - Cya On The Road

Cents is a relatively "new" district. It has been urbanised in several phases since the 1960s.  Of the approximately 6,500 inhabitants today, about half are foreigners.  Thus, the population structure reflects the demographic development of Luxembourg City quite well. Despite its close proximity to the Old Town, the cultural history of the Cents quarter is almost unexplored.From a former Carmelite monastery to a cemetery where society's outcasts were once buried and a "new" railway station, Cents offers a number of largely unknown cultural attractions.Discover Luxembourg's urban history off the beaten track of the fortress! The city tour was developed by history students of the University of Luxembourg during the summer semester 2023 under the direction of the three lecturers Tom Becker, Catherine Jones and Marie-Paule Jungblut as part of the seminar "Representing the City of Luxembourg".Vote wether the places and names selected by the university team are also traces of local cultural heritage for you: Local Heritage Cents

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