Leeuwarden as a trade city throughout history

Leeuwarden, FR, Netherlands
Est. 1.6km / 32 mins

Leeuwarden as a trade city throughout history - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the tour “Leeuwarden as a trade city throughout history”. During this tour you will be taken back and forward through times and all the significant places of Leeuwarden will be shown to you when it comes to trade of any kind.By hearing these stories you will get an impression of what Leeuwarden used to look like, how people lived and which buildings were important. Next to this there are also shown some highlights of contemporary trade in Leeuwarden such as the nicest shopping streets of the Netherlands. Did you know that this street got awarded twice?The different stops are supported by pictures if you are not able to find them. Enjoy the tour!

by HEM2017 - 5
We are four students from Stenden University Leeuwarden, studying Heritage Experience Management.

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