Leiden OWL 2017

Leiden, ZH, Netherlands
Est. 4.5km / 1 hr 51 mins / Map

Leiden OWL 2017 - Cya On The Road

Welcome in Leiden,You are here to discover science, new friends and yourself. This walk will help you to discover Leiden, a city where a struggle for freedom of thought and religion have led to the establishment of the university in 1575.Ever since, the university has been the focal point and wellspring for scientific and cultural exploration. The free spirit of Leiden has attracted migrants and visitors from all over the world. This freedom was part of the cultural baggage of those who left Leiden again to explore distant lands. Rembrandt, Von Siebold, Einstein, Kamerlingh Onnes and the Pilgrims are part of the continuing story of Leiden, the key to discovery. So are you. Use your freedom!  

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