Photography walk around the Amstelveen Lake (De Poel) (approx. 5k

Amstelveen, NH, Netherlands
Est. 3.9km / 1 hr 19 mins / Map

Photography walk around the Amstelveen Lake (De Poel) (approx. 5k - Cya On The Road

TIP: Set your izi app in 'Free walking mode' by pressing the left 3-stripes and turn on the GPS. Now when you reach a pont the audio will play automatically.Of course, this walk around the Amstelveense lake is not just for people who loves to take photographs but for anyone who likes walking.De Poel is a cricket lake, which lies west of the old village of Amstelveen and north of the church of the municipality of Bovenkerk. The lake originated as a result of peat digging in the 19th century. Unlike many other cattle moors in the area like the Bovenkerkerpolder, the Poel is never embedded.You can show your appreciation of this tour by clicking the "LIKE" Facebook link below, rate with stars and positive comments and forwarding to another.. 

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