Scottish highlanders walk Amsterdam forest (±1h)

Amstelveen, NH, Netherlands
Est. 2.4km / 47 mins / Map

Scottish highlanders walk Amsterdam forest (±1h) - Cya On The Road

TIP: Set your izi app in 'Free walking mode' by pressing the left 3-stripes and turn on the GPS. Now when you reach a pont the audio will play automatically.This is a forest walk of about 60 minutes by the Amsterdam forest, a part of which is being buried by Scottish highlanders.This cattle breed is suitable as a large grazer year round. They need little care and are rarely aggressive. The animals are therefore frequently seen in the Netherlands in nature and recreation areas.Highlanders feed on plants that leave many other bovine species left, and because of their long hair they can also stay outdoors during the winter months.An adult bull weighs 800 kilos and a cow 500 kilos. Scottish highlanders can become 18 years old. During that time a cow can bring about fifteen calves in the world. The bearing time is about ten months. Cows have wide-standing horns facing up, while those of the bulls stand horizontally. 

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