Parkwalk C.P.Broersepark

Amstelveen, NH, Netherlands
Est. 808m / 16 mins

Parkwalk C.P.Broersepark - Cya On The Road

TIP: Set your izi app in 'Free walking mode' by pressing the left 3-stripes and turn on the GPS. Now when you reach a pont the audio will play automatically.The C.P. Broersepark is a park in the west of the Dutch city of Amstelveen in the district of Elsrijk.The park was designed by the architect Dirk F. Tersteeg in 1926 and was built in the following years with the name "Walkingpark", simultaneously with the district of Elsrijk, and borders in the west on the Amsterdamseweg, in the east on the Thorbeckelaan, in the north On the Molenweg and in the south at the Parklaan.There are also a number of children's pools in the park next to the green and water areas. In addition, there are many activities that take place regularly and you can play the games for example.In 1967 the walking park was named by Chris P. Broerse, who worked for greenery from 1926, as "C.P. Broersepark".At the entrance to the Amsterdamseweg there has been a war memorial of Theo Bennes since 1950, with a commemoration annually on 4 May. Since 1994, at the Molenweg is the India monument of Ella van de Ven. 

by Morpurgo Fotografie
I am an Intuitive photographer. I attend festivals, fun events and beautiful nature areas to shoot interesting photos for everyone to enjoy.

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