Art tour Sloterdijk - Spaarnwoude Park

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands; Halfweg, NH, Netherlands
Est. 21.6km / 3 hrs 36 mins

Art tour Sloterdijk - Spaarnwoude Park - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the Art Tour Sloterdijk - Spaarnwoude Park. De tour starts at trainstation Sloterdijk, and leads through city wilderness De Bretten, on through Spaarnwoude Park, Geuzenveld and Slotermeer, ending at trainstation Sloterdijk in a loop of about 23 km. This audiotour will point out the artworks that can be spotted in the landscape and tell you all about the stories that surround these works. So don't hesitate: get on your bike and go and discover!You will start at the Orlplein and follow the red cycling path in southward direction, passing under the raiilway. Are you planning to use an ov-fiets from trainstation Sloterdijk? Please make sure to check whether these are available. It is also possible to start this tour at trainstation Halfweg-Zwanenburg, where you can rent a bike at Sem Fietsen Halfweg. Be aware: several festivals are held in Spaarnwoude Park during the summer, which may close off some of the route. Please check the Spaarnwoude Park website for the events calendar. The Art Tour Sloterdijk - Spaarnwoude Park is offered to you by Recreatieschap Spaarnwoude, Tuinen van West en LaBGreen De Bretten en Kunst & Cultuur van Gemeente Amsterdam. We wensen je veel plezier!

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