Heritage City Roam Deventer

Deventer, OV, Netherlands
Est. 14.2km / 7 hrs 25 mins / Map

Heritage City Roam Deventer - Cya On The Road

With this Heritage City Roam you can roam with maximum freedom along the heritage of Deventer. There is no established route. You can roam the city and look around. You can walk in and out of streets, turn corners or walk into shops. If you come to an interesting place, your phone will automatically send a signal and you will hear information. It is best to stop for a moment or walk to the spot until the story ends. If you do not want to listen, you can pause the tour. You can always come back later.On the map you can find the many interesting places. There you can also see which points you have already visited and which are worth a visit.Have fun in Deventer!

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