Jewish Heritage LWD

Leeuwarden, FR, Netherlands
Est. 1.7km / 1 hr

Jewish Heritage LWD - Cya On The Road

Four students of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences developed this tour in three languages about the Jewish Heritage of Leeuwarden. Versions of the tour are available in English, Dutch, and West Frisian. This tour aims to render a space to commemorate the lives and history of this community who at some point was responsible for a great part of social development in the city, and to reflect on this community so that their presence will not be forgotten. After extensive research conducted with help of the Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden and the NHL Stenden university of applied sciences, this tour has been developed as a free experience for all who are interested in discovering this phase of the city, immersing in the history of the daily life of the Jewish community and pointing the remains of this gone days.This tour has been developed as part of the minor Heritage Experience Management, with dedication and care by Monique Hofstra reading Leisure & Events Management; Lionel Stoetzel coursing International Hospitality Management; Catharina Knol, studying Creative Business and Media Management; and Francisco Botero, reading International Tourism Management.We would like to give you a warm welcome to our tour and hope you enjoy it!

by Francisco Botero
A passionate inhabitant of Amsterdam in love with this vibrant city and its cultural dimensions.

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