Medieval Rotterdam Walk

Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands
Est. 3.0km / 59 mins

Medieval Rotterdam Walk - Cya On The Road

The bombardment on the 14th of may, 1940, ravaged the old city centre of Rotterdam. Now, the Laurenskerk (church of St. Lawrence) remains as its only medieval building. Under our feet, however, still many remnants of our past remain preserved underground. Here it is protected, examined and unfolded by the archaeologists of the Rotterdam municipality.In this tour the medieval past of 10 locations in the city will resurface. Each location is made tangible by a short video after which a question can be answered.The total route is approximately 4 kilometres in length.

by Archeologie Rotterdam
De archeologen van de Gemeente Rotterdam (BOOR) onderzoeken de geschiedenis van de stad en vertellen u de verhalen.

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