Don't kill the messenger

Leeuwarden, FR, Netherlands
Est. 3.3km / 1 hr 50 mins / Map

Don't kill the messenger - Cya On The Road

Have you ever wondered what type of person you would be during the second world war? Would you be part of the resistance? Would work alongside the Nazi’s? Or would you try to avoid any dangers in times of crisis. The tour of Don’t kill the messenger will give insides in the way of living throughout the second world war in Leeuwarden. As the title indicates there is a special role left for the messenger. In our opinion the role of the messenger was highly important during wartime, especially for the resistance. Plus as their role was in between the couriers came also often in contact with the Nazi’s. Furthermore were they the ultimate guides in a city, since they knew everything which was going on in the city of Leeuwarden. Therefore for the tour we will follow a day a courier. Some other info before we begin the tour. The tour is best enjoyed when you pick up the bag from the HCL. Otherwise parts of the audio tour will not make any sense. Furthermore is the time set in the time the Netherlands was occupied. So events which happened in 1944 can be followed up by an event in 1941, and vice versa. This is to give the best possible version. Lastly, even though you’re following a tour, you’re still part of the traffic. Even though the route is made with the most pedestrian walking parts of the city centre, traffic can always occur. Therefore PLEASE be safe and watch out. Now without further ado, enjoy the audio and the tour.

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