Walk of Freedom Haarlem (Holland)

Haarlem, NH, Netherlands
Est. 6.3km / 2 hrs 34 mins / Map

Walk of Freedom Haarlem (Holland) - Cya On The Road

Dear Visitor,The Walk of Freedom around Haarlem was developed by students from Inholland University of Applied Sciences and archivists from the Provincial Historical Archive (Noord-Hollandsarchief) to celebrate 75 years of peace. The various monuments, buildings and statues along this walk remind us of the tragedy of war and the joys of peace and freedom.The Walk of Freedom starts at the Tourist Information Centre in the middle of Haarlem and takes approximately 2 to 2,5 hours. Guided tours are available. Some of the monuments lie outside the main route, but are certainly worth a detour. There are numerous cafes and restaurants along the way to stop for coffee, lunch or drinks. Download the iz.TRAVEL app on your phone and scan the QR-codes at the various locations for more information, videos and questions to test your knowledge. Enjoy your walk!

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